Tyler, TX

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Bobby Johnson

Tyler, Texas, United States

As a native son of Texas, I grew up watching the old western TV programs such as Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, etc.  In the late 1950’s, it was not uncommon for a youngster to have a BB gun or pellet rifle out in the woods unsupervised.  The rules regarding safe handling of firearms was taught to me by my Dad, who served in the Army during the occupation of Japan in WWII.  My Dad passed away in 2011, and my Mom followed him in 2012.  They were inseparable.  

I learned to work on bicycles by watching my Dad, handing him the tools he asked for.  Later, he unknowingly taught me auto mechanics by the same method while working on our family VW.  I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer, with over 34 years experience. 

The hands-on experience and education has given me the ability to understand mechanisms, how they work and how to repair them.  I have studied the design, function, and repair of firearms.  If a firearm is not operating properly and can be fixed, I expect that I can fix it. 

I operate under a Type 01 FFL with a small gunsmith shop set up for cleaning, repairing, and customizing firearms.  Special orders for firearms are also accepted on a requested basis.  Additionally, I will take used firearms under consignment for sales to others.  Please understand that I do not operate this business as a pawn shop. 

If you have a request or need, please just let me know.  I will be pleased to accommodate you. 


Current Hours of operation are as follows:

Monday thru Thursday       6 PM – 8 PM

Friday                              2 PM – 8 PM

Saturday                          8 AM – 2 PM

Sunday                             Closed

Phone  & FAX                   903-561-1941

Mobile                             903-714-5863    This is the best way to contact me.


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