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Remington Trigger? 
Use a Timney Trigger!

The accessories and optics may be mail ordered or picked up locally in Tyler, Texas.  Currently, only cash or personal checks are accepted. 

Tyler Gunsmith Shop, as a dealer for the suppliers listed below, is accepting special orders from those that demand high quality products.   

Condor Outdoor - Condor Outdoor Products, Inc specializes in tactical vest, plate carrier, modular pouches, packs...etc., with over 20 years of experience in the tactical/outdoor gear industry.       http://www.condoroutdoor.com/index.aspx


ZCORR Firearm Storage Bags - ZCORR FSP Bags™ utilize a combination of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) chemistry and barrier packaging materials to completely prevent the corrosion of your firearms and ammunition.     https://www.zcorrproducts.com/

Osprey Defense - Osprey Defense presents the most revolutionary product to hit the firearms market in years.  If you own an AR15 , M16, or M4 style rifle in either full or semi auto, then you have everything you need to use the Osprey Defense OPS-416 Gas Piston Conversion System.           http://www.gaspiston.com/




Remington All-A-Round 2.0 Cleaning Kit -- $32.00 Total including sales tax  ($39.92 is MSRP )

If you need a portable cleaning kit that can be used to clean virtually any firearm, this is the kit to have.  It is factory new.  Only one is available now.

The cleaning kit includes the following items:

·         3-Piece Brass Rod for long guns to accept #8-32 threaded accessories

·         Brass pistol adapter to accept #8-32 threaded accessories

·         Brass Shotgun Brush Adapter

·         .22, .25, .270, and .30 Caliber Rifle brushes

·         9mm/.38, 10mm/.40, and .45 Caliber Pistol brushes

·         12 Ga., 20 Ga., and .410 Ga. Shotgun brushes

·         Protective Pad to avoid damage to counter tops

·         Large and small patch pullers

·         12 Ga., 20 Ga., and .410 Ga. Shotgun mops

·         .22 and  9mm/.38 Pistol mops

·         Bore light

·         Silicone Gun Cleaning Cloth

·         Patch assortment

·         Drawstring Carrying Case













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