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SALE on all OPS-416 Piston Conversion Kits for AR-15 / M16 Platform Weapons --   (Price is too low to list)  Original Price was $349.00 each

Currently in stock, the Osprey Defense Piston Conversion is the best on the market.  It is the simplest and most reliable of all piston conversions available today.

The OPS-416 Carbine Length gas piston system fits all mil-spec AR-15 / M16 / M4 rifle variants that meet the following specifications:

1.  Barrel length of 11.5" to 16"

2.  Barrel outer diameter NO GREATER Than 0.875" (this covers more than 95% of all guns ever made)

This kit model includes a Full Auto / Semi Auto bolt which will work in EITHER a full auto or semi auto host gun. 

NOTE:  This does NOT make a semi auto gun fire full auto. 

Features and benefits of this system are as follows:

  • Virtually eliminates fouling of the weapon
  • Imagine 13 times increased reliability
  • Imagine 13 times the number of rounds between cleanings
  • Imagine using your existing gun platform ...... all of it except your gas tube
  • Machined out of the finest materials including Cobalt, which is 3X stronger than titanium
  • Fire your gun filthy ..... covered in sand, mud, water and snow
  • Self-cleaning, actually removes its own contaminants
  • No venting means no holes contaminants and dirt to enter the system


 This item qualifies for the discount to Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighter, and other public service personnel. 


 This item is NOT California compliant and may NOT be shipped to California except for direct law enforcement AGENCY purchase shipped direct to a police department or similar law enforcement agency. 

All parts replaced during the installation of the piston conversion are returned with the firearm.  The installation of this conversion is completely reversible to put the firearm into the original configuration if necessary. 


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