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1.  How can I ship my firearm to you for cleaning and / or repair?

Answer:  Please review the instructions on the page titled "Shipping Instructions".

2.  If I ship my firearm to you for service, when will it be returned?

Answer:  Before shipping any firearm, please contact me.  It is best to send an email and follow it with a phone call just to make certain that I know about it.  I can provide a date that you can get an estimate on the service. 

3.  If I want to special order a new firearm, how is that arranged?

Answer:  It is best to send an email with a complete description of what you want.  I will obtain pricing information and will send you an email or Fax with a quote for your request.  Each order requires a 20 % non-refundable deposit.  Special order firearm sales may be completed at Tyler Gunsmith Shop (TGS) or the firearm may be sent to another FFL holder in your area.  The order must be picked up in person by the person ordering it if the transaction is completed at TGS.   All Federal laws regarding firearms purchases shall be followed. 

 4.  If I have a specific request regarding work needed on a firearm, how should I communicate that? 

Answer:  Completely describe the firearm (make, model, finish, previous known work completed, etc.).  Next describe the function problem of the firearm or task that is being inquired (failure to eject, failure to feed, new finish needed, complete cleaning, etc.).  If possible, sending photos with the email is preferable.  An estimate will be returned to you.  Most work can be completed within 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon the extent of the work and parts required.  In some cases it may take longer because parts for older firearms are not always readily available.  If for some reason, the initial estimate will be exceeded by more than $20 or 10%, the customer will be contacted for approval to proceed with the work remaining. 

5.  How do I request a discount and to what is the discount applied?  

Answer:  All Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and other Public Servants in addition to Active & Retired Military Personnel may request a discount on gunsmithing work.  Providing proof of service in any of these categories is all that is required.  There is a 10% discount on labor and parts.  Regrettably, it is not possible to apply this same discount to special order new firearms.


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