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Gunsmithing Price List

This is the price list of the most common services performed.   All prices listed are typical average prices.  Some firearms will require more time to complete a given service and will cost more. 
This price list is effective as of 06/01/2014. 
The services listed will increase as the business expands.  If you do not see the service you are in need of please contact me. 
Service Charge Per Hour $50.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun$15.00
Written Appraisals, Cost Estimates - Not certified as a firearm appraiser$45.00
Detailed Cleaning - Completely stripping your firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear or broken parts, and making suggestions of services needed to put it in A-1 condition. Price is based on the complexity of the firearm. $75.00
Metal Finishing - May vary based on type of firearm. Ask for detailed information & other types of finishes.  The firearm finishing is sent to an outside shop, and the price is subject to change based upon the shop charges.  It is recommended that a quote be requested in advance. 
Hot Salt Blue $250.00
Parkerizing $225.00
Thermo Set Finishes Such as Lacquer, Teflon & Gun-Kote $225.00
Disassemble & Reassemble Firearm - This is based on time, some firearms will cost more some will cost less, this is the average cost. $50.00
Sight Work  
Sight In Firearm - Does not include cost of ammo or targets Hourly Rate 
Bore Sight $20.00
Pattern Shotgun - Does not include cost of ammo or targets Hourly Rate
Drill & Tap Shotgun Receiver For Scope Base on most shotguns ( Per Hole ) $20.00
Drill, Tap, Mount Scope & Bore Sight on most shotguns ( scope base & scope are not included ) $55.00
Drill & Tap Barrel or Receiver For Sights ( Per Hole ) $20.00
Install Front Or Mid Rib Sight Bead On Shotgun $35.00
Scope Mounting - Includes mounting, Truing Rings, Checking Scope, & Bore Sighting $35.00
General Firearm Work  
Function Test Fire Firearm – Price is for this service only.  Otherwise, this service is automatically included with any other work performed.$20.00
Check Head Space $20.00
Check Firing Pin Protrusion $10.00
Make Chamber Cast $30.00
Remove Fired Case From Chamber Hourly Rate 
Remove Live Round From Chamber $25.00 + Hourly Rate 
Remove Obstruction From Bore Hourly Rate 
Remove Fouling And / Or Leading From Barrel Hourly Rate + Materials 
Cut & Crown Barrel $55.00
Making Springs (Most firearm springs are available, and those that are not may be fabricated.  It is best to furnish the old spring if it is available.) Hourly Rate + Materials 
Trigger Job ( Adjustable Trigger ) 3 ½# is the lowest that will be supplied by Tyler Gunsmith Shop.$20.00
Trigger Job - Smooth & lighten.  Does not include price of spring kits.  This price is typical for most firearms.  Some firearms will cost more. $55.00
Shotgun Work  
Polish Chamber $10.00
Polish Bore $30.00
Handgun Work  
Semi-Auto Action Job 1911 (Parts are extra)$85.00
Fit Barrel To 1911 Auto (The cost of new barrel is not included) $150.00
Throat, Polish Barrel And Feed Ramp $50.00
Fit New Trigger To 1911 Auto (The cost of the new trigger is not included) $50.00
Fit Custom Hammer To 1911 (The cost of the new hammer is not included) $50.00
Modify 1911 Auto Frame For Beavertail Safety (The cost of the new grip safety or refinishing is not included) $60.00
Glock Action Job (Parts are extra)$50.00
Smith & Wesson M&P Action Job (Parts are extra)$50.00
Stock Work  
Standard Finish - Wood is left unfilled $70.00
Deluxe Finish - Wood is filled $90.00
Glass Bedding Barrel And / Or Action $85.00
Pillar Bed (This is in addition to the glass bedding)$70.00
Install Recoil Pad or Plate – Recoil Pad or Plate additional cost$50.00
Install Sling Swivels Studs In Stock – Sling Swivels and Studs are additional cost$15.00
Fit, Bed And Finish Fiberglass Stock $140.00

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